Welcome to our Adopt-A-Trail program (and other forest projects)


Interested people are asked to adopt a trail (or a segment) as depicted by color and amend maintain it during the “access season” (hiking season plus) for a calendar year. In this way, trails are kept fresh and inviting on an individual’s own schedule, and depending in their sense of responsibility to this important aspect of Bow’s out-of-doors inheritance.

This scheme currently applies only to Nottingcook Forest. The goal would be for it to apply to all town conservation easements under BOS aegis.

Having a well-maintained trail network is a goal all can appreciate and strive for! To sign up here, see below.

BOS Nottingcook Adopt-a-trail sections (generally for a calendar year):


1. Eric Thum (2013) May 8 – reported trail in good shape; David Lipsy (Glacier Boulder Trail, 2013); Eric inspected the Glacier Boulder Trail on April 12, 2015: “Still lots of snow and ice on the trail, but all looked good.”

1. Bob Lux (2013) May 3 :walked eastern portion of Steer Brook trail, east of Cascade Brook. In reasonable condition except for spring leaf cover; 11/26/13 – Bob L leaf blew the green trail (Sheridan Way-Steer Brook over to beginning of Glacial Boulder Tr) – no trees down or items of concern.
2. April 25, 2014: Bob L & Beth walked & leaf blew the Sheridan-Steer Brook from parking to start of Glacial Boulder Tr. In good shape, even before we made our pass.
3. November 17, 2015: Bob & Beth Lux leaf blew Sheridan-Steer Brook from parking to the Glacial Boulder. No large trees down, some smaller stuff found/removed as expected.


Choose the trail or segment you will adopt, and let us know.

Thank you!

Other forest projects:
1. November, 2013 – various members and friends cleared the view on the spur immediately east of Great Hill as well as lesser views toward Monadnock and a smaller one (to the south of Great Hill) which looks NE.

2. November and December, 2013 – nearly all Nottingcook trails were leaf blown by Bob Dawkins and Mike Lax (Bob Lux did his adopted trail).

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