Fall Splendor (President’s Column)

Bob Lux

October vies with May for my favorite month.

I wrote this imagery, below (seen thru youthful eyes), in October,1968:

“in October see, smell sense melancholy Death…yet revel in her cheerful, colorfully arrayed beauty, Her kindled forests and leafy carpets aglow…breathe the early morning mists of this, the season of ambrosial and mellow fruitfulness…feel the softness of the dying day, the last rays linger, then reluctantly from the treetops part…feel, too, the spirited chill of Evening as She…enveloping the earth in a cloak of darkness … sends little children scurrying home before Her…her hoary frost only She leaves behind to greet the morning sun…hear the distant thud of an axe hewing wood..smell the smoke of burning leaves..and know for sure that Autumn and Her magic splendour…at last…are here…’tis the twilight of the year….”

BOS paths beckon, particularly now. Be sure to consider the Bow Open Spaces ” adopt-a-trail” plan and consider signing up!


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Board member: Bow Open Spaces, Inc. Bow, New Hampshire
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