Hit the trail!

Trail masters Hilary and Jeff Warner

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, the Knox Road Forest has an impressive recreational trail network popular with dog walkers, birdwatchers, runners, cross country skiers, mountain bicyclists, and snowmobilers.
Did you know that you can pick up a trail map at the library or online, here?
New trails near Robinson Road, Alexander Drive, and Whittier drive are currently being scouted. We will be looking for volunteers to help build them soon!
Last fall, a Van Ger Drive family began scouting a trail that will go from Van Ger Drive to Branch Londonderry turnpike, with a spur to Hampshire Hills Drive. We will be looking for volunteers to help build it soon! There may be the potential for a significant trail network in this area.
Building and caring for trails is very rewarding. Admittedly, it is hard work – but many hands make light work! We are grateful for any donation of time, whether is is just a few hours or long term involvement. Please contact Hilary Warner for information about trails and trail work, at: 223-8119 or jeflary@comcast.net.


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