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Bow Trails GPS Coordinates Wanted!

Consolidating all of Bow's outdoor recreational trails into one database will allow (first responders) to respond more effectively if the need arises to an off road area for a medical emergency or wildland fire ...
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Hike by the Light of the Full Moon!

Join Bow Open Spaces board member Bob Dawkins for two exciting and challenging night time hikes. They've been timed to take advantage of the full moon! Saturday - December 30. Explore Nottingcook Forest in Bow. The group will leave the South Bow Road trailhead at 4:10 p.m. sharp. The hike is approximately three miles and will take about three hours. Saturday - January 27. Mt. Kearsarge! Leave the Winslow State Park entrance road at 3:20 p.m. sharp.  The hike is approximately five miles and will take about four hours. IMPORTANT! Please RSVP with Bow Recreation to indicate your interest in either hike. Some winter snowshoe and hiking experience required. You must have adequate gear, food and water. Bow Rec will ...
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The Big Boulder

The weather recently has been just fine for a walk in the woods! ...
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Tick Patrol! Tips to enjoy the woods and avoid ticks

After being treated for Lyme Disease in 2013, I'm pretty careful about protecting myself from ticks when I'm in the garden or the woods. Here are some of the strategies I employ: ...
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Preserving Bow Land – and a bit of history, by Bob Chadwick

(Mr. Chadwick in 2016 conveyed to Bow Open Spaces, Inc. a permanent conservation easement to protect from development a plot of land off of Branch Londonderry Turnpike. Bob wrote this article, below, to provide a bit of background on the land.)

The Chadwick family has been established in Bow since the late 1930’s. My grandparents had a farm on South Street, across from what is now the Methodist church. Dad, Mom and we three kids lived on Bow Bog Road, almost across the street from the property. We went to school in what’s now the Municipal building. I graduated Concord High in 1958, joined the Air Force, and spent the next 25 years or so traveling to places like Australia, Hawaii, the Philippines, and, at the end, Florida. After retirement I entered a second career as an Electronics Engineer in Florida.

Dad purchased the land from Ernest Morgan sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s. His intent was to use it as a woodlot; pretty much all it was good for as it was not serviced by any good roads, was mostly wetland (a good example of beaver engineering), and except for the front few acres, was uninhabitable. As he grew older, he was less able to harvest firewood, and also Pat and I were starting to think about having a summer place in New Hampshire. With this in mind, we bought the land from him in 1994.

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