Bow Open Spaces Guides ‘OLLI’ Through the Nottingcook

Twelve participants from the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) walked from South Bow Road over to the Bow Bog end of Woodhill-Hooksett Road (left to right on map) on a perfect spring day, the first in quite a while. 

OLLI hikes in the Nottingcook

Black flies were only at initial parking. Views from Great Hill were excellent. No one other than Ray Mercier, the OLLI host, had been there before and he only in the past few weeks on scouting work. 
There were several comments such as, “I’ve lived in the area 38 years and I’ve never been here”. Each participant had a Nottingcook forest map with numbers on it to pinpoint their exact location. They also walked a straight bearing thru the woods which provided a different perspective.
Bow Open Spaces board member Bob Lux was the group’s guide.