Bow Trails GPS Coordinates Wanted!

Bow Firefighter Chris Andrews is part of a team at the Bow Fire Department working to strengthen the ability to respond to emergencies that take place in backwood locations. Part of the effort is confirming exact location of the many trails in the areas. Here’s a portion of Chris’ note to us:

“I’m attempting to build a database of Bow’s trails for use in a handheld GPS or other electronic devices.  Currently the Bow Fire Department utilizes the publically available paper maps from Bow Open Spaces and Bow Pioneers Snowmobile Club.  The two trail systems are currently only shared on their respective community maps, neither showing the other.

“Consolidating all of Bow’s outdoor recreational trails into one database will allow us to respond more effectively if the need arises to an off road area for a medical emergency or wildland fire.

“I’m seeking the public’s assistance with gathering GPS files, ideally in a KMZ, GPX or KML format.  These are the file formats readily used in handheld GPS.  The town has provided most of the trails however there are segments missing, primarily trails only accessed in the winter or the smaller non-official mountain bike trails. 

“Files can be set to and I can be reached at 848-7707. Thank you.” 


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