Our Mission, History, and Board

Our Mission

The mission of Bow Open Spaces Inc is to acquire, conserve, manage and dispose of land and interest in land within the Town of Bow in order to preserve and protect wildlife habitat, farm land, forests, wetlands and other lands of conservation value and the natural scenic, recreational, ecological and productive features of such land for the benefit of the citizens of Bow and the State of New Hampshire.

Our History

Bow Open Spaces was formed on March 19, 1997 by a group of Town residents. These residents were concerned about how easy it was to take land classified as town forest, and managed by the Bow Conservation Commission (BCC), out of town forest classification and develop the property. For example, the high school property was once a town forest. Before the school was built, the Town was able to take the land out of town forest by a simple majority vote and develop the property.

As a result of the high school construction, the Town was required by the State of NH to permanently protect some of its property from development in order to offset the impact of the high school on the surrounding land. Consequently, NH Fish & Game was given a permanent conservation easement on some of Bow’s land to comply with the State. This easement took local control of the property away from town residents, which was worrisome to the group watching these changes taking place. BOS was born with the help of these citizens so that future conservation easements would be held by an organization controlled by the Town’s residents.

The organization became formal, and officers were elected. Committee members and membership began to grow. Awareness of the organization began to grow as well. It was important to stress to the Town and prospective members that the articles of agreement of BOS required, and does require, all board members to be residents of the Town of Bow.

During the next few years, over a thousand acres of Town land was permanently protected through conservation easements granted to BOS. BCC and BOS worked hard in the late 90s to secure the purchase of Nottingcook Forest.

Today, BOS continues their efforts to secure more conservation easements and keep Bow full of open space!

Our Board of Directors, 2017

President: Harry Hadaway
Past President: Bob Lux
Secretary: Eric Thum
Treasurer: Frank Boucher
Membership Director: Bob Dawkins
Trails Director: Hilary Warner
Stewardship Director: Ken Demain
Public Relations Director: Martin Murray

Meetings of the Board are open to all and are generally held the first Tuesday of the month (September – June) at the Baker Free Library. Please join us!